September 16, 2014

26 years and counting….

By Edith Day In Blog, Housewifey Diaries

I can remember the very first time I had my mouth on him and we were just 17. I relished how he turned his head to the side and shut his eyes and how his breath became low and steady as if all was right in his world.

The slick spot just underneath his head is my favorite spot possibly on his whole body with only one exception, that of which is his tongue. He does amazing things with his tongue so I must never forsake that! There’s a dip there and almost like siting on the edge of a sliding board and then rushing down I love to roll my own tongue over that spot.

His cock is like a rock and from it have come our beautiful children. It is now as much a part of me and I of it after all these years. It is a beautiful and wonderful joy to hold it flacid in my hand and watch as mysteriously it knows I am there and wanting. It rises and falls at my command and I enjoy this power.

Over the years it has not changed much despite the rest of us. Now graying and getting older my lovely cock is just as taught and just as interested as it was when we were young. Now though as I place my mouth around it I know what and where and for just how long to suck it and bite it and let it have it’s way with me. His hands and tongue know me as well and within seconds of a thumbing at my nipples peaks my clit is awake and seeking him. He knows my body like I know his and we are essentially one. This is the glorious thing about marriage and how as one grows into the other person and truly becomes one with the other person there is a merging of sorts.

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