September 14, 2014

She’s making me feel a little frisky

By Edith Day In Blog, Housewifey Diaries

Housewives married for long years such as myself might seem like we are collected but I’d suspect there’s plenty of happily married women, working women, successful women that dream of making slight detours in their sexuality from time to time…. here’s an excerpt from last Monday morning. What a way to start the work week! LOL

Sometime in the night she awakened me with a persistent longing and I thought once I awakened that I might just pinch her and ask her ever so nicely to go away…or rather go back to sleep and let me sleep as well. All things being considered I already knew she would not let me be until I appeased her.

I gently caressed her head and found that familiar stinging in my belly low and wanting. She was itching to be fucked and it was 3am! Husband sleeping soundly beside me after a night of raughty lovemaking satisfied and dreaming and here I found myself all worked up out of a dream… such is the wonderful years of our forties.. God’s sweet trick on the female body I guess LOL…

It’s a good thing I am good with my hands and my head…my head probably more so. I took my right hand and placed my clit between my index finger and my thumb and squeezing there needing to release the tension that had built up right….yes, there. With the other hand I moved slowly in and out of my pussy with two fingers, then three wanting more but not sure how to navigate without waking him up. Delicious relief came in waves over me as I felt the warmth and pleasure I was so capable of giving myself.

In my mind I flew back to the dream that had started this whole mess in the first place. I was still groggy and dreamy anyway and remembering her and what I had been doing to her was not difficult to come back to. She had a body without a face and what I had been focused on was tasting her, her sweet and very wet pussy. I had gotten her clit to stand up and as I did so her back would arch in delight at what my trained tongue and hands could bring. This pleased me greatly….being the controller, the one who decided when and how long I’d wait to make her come. That is what had stirred me out of my restless sexy sleep and had made my own sex long for more.

I moved off the bed to find something bigger than my fingers….I was hungry for something large and something very hard and rough. I found my dildo and almost with in seconds of inserting it I began to come and come and come… waves of bowing over in instant relief and a satisfied sense of ready for rest. I rather quietly climbed back into bed, turned over and kissed my husband still sleeping and drifted back off to sleep.

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